Monster Jump - Mobile Game (Coming Soon)

What is Monster Jump?
It is a small project which is being developed by independent developers with the aim of creating a small network app.Is the typical jumping game where you have to beat your previous record and achieve new levels which improve yourself. Because a typical game? because it is a good sectorto start creating our own games, a sector of casual games, addictive and fun.
The Fact 
- Genre: Action and Platform
 -Platforms: Initially is made to Android 2.1 and if this project get all  the founds will be created to      ios( Iphone )  
 -Projected launch date: July 2012
 -Business Model: Free (Free to download and play) but with pay version with extra content
 -Business Model: Free (Free to download and play) but with pay version with extra content
Where is our money , exactly?
The Kickstarter funds will be specifically used to employ at least  talented young artists of different disciplines to bring this world to life.
The estimated production timeline is 1 month . With the rest of the money will be invested in create new updates and promote the app in other platforms (Iphone/windows...)
Nowadays the project is in the design work  and the programmer is doing the base of the game, when the design part will finish will be update a video with all of the news!

We are super excited to be able to bring you this amazing project!

Thanks for your time - We hope you join our team!

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Chrome for Android Beta gets updated, Finally able to download files and request desktop versions

Chrome for Android Beta just received an update, and they finally added two features I’ve been begging for: the ability to download files and request the desktop version of websites. Unfortunately it’s still only available for Android 4.x devices. Version 0.18.4409.2396 is available now in the Play Stores. Full changelog below and hit the break below for download links.
  • You can now request the desktop version of a website, in case you would rather not view the mobile version.
  • You can now add bookmarks as shortcuts on your home screen, so you can get to your favorite sites faster.
  • Choose your favorite apps to handle links opened in Chrome.
  • Have a proxy setup for Wi-Fi access? You can now use Chrome with the system proxy configured in Android settings.
  • Allow for download of files to the device
  • Complex Text Layout (CTL) and Right to Left (RTL) text support in rendered pages
  • Enable old-style YouTube embed content to be played via native YouTube app
  • Support for country-specific suggested search engines.

Tax Day sale in the Google Play Store, 33 albums for $2.99 today only

What better way for music lovers everywhere to spend their recently acquired tax return dollars than on some cheap jams from the Google Play Store. Today only, Google will offer 33 albums for only $2.99. Some of the artists featured include Weezer, Sublime, Coldplay and other various popular performers of different genres. We can look at it two ways, Google is providing an avenue for which to spend our newly returned tax money or they are slashing the prices as a courtesy for those of us that had to pay Uncle Sam. Either way, it’s good to have Google looking out for our wallets! Hit the Play Store link below to get the goods.

How monetize your Android Apps and make huge revenue

How monetize your Android Apps

To make money with your android apps you have three options :

-Pay for your app
-Create free app
-Freemium app

But in this case only will talk about free apps , because is the most easy app to promote. Ok... but how can you get revenue with such model? Pretty easy with
advertising. Google and many other big companies have their own advertising system where you can get good revenue from banner advertising in your games.

This is free system for you to use unlimited ad networks which you want.
And most important that you can insert your own ads inside as well, with this method you can promote your free apps or your best quality app.

In my case I use two different networks, the most popular AdMob and LeadBolt. Leadbolt is one of the most power networks nowadays, with them you can use the typical banner and promote other apps.

[Gameplay] Mosquito Atack - Download Free

See the gamplay of Mosquito Atack 

Download this addictive game in google play.

Angry Birds Space HD Guide - Free

Name : Angry Birds Space HD Guide

Platform : Android
Price : Free
Download : Google Play


 With this application you will see how pass all the worlds and levels of the new Angry Birds.
In this free application contain :
- Full walktrough
- Videotutorial for all the levels.
- Tricks and tips to pass all the levels with three stars.
Come on Download Angry Birds Space HD Guide and discover all the secrets of this fantastic game totaly FREE!

Mosquito Atack - New AndVicio Free Game

Mosquito Atack 

The best free game out there!
Mosquito Atack!Smash all the mosquito you can!

Smash mosquito with your finger in this game great, to defense of the mosquito attack!
Super fun for children.Special virtual effects make the game easier for younger players to gain!
+ Do not Smash the beautiful butterfly!
+ The Best Game for all ages!
+ A fun application to pass the time.
Everything ...FREE!


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