Monster Jump - Mobile Game (Coming Soon)

What is Monster Jump?
It is a small project which is being developed by independent developers with the aim of creating a small network app.Is the typical jumping game where you have to beat your previous record and achieve new levels which improve yourself. Because a typical game? because it is a good sectorto start creating our own games, a sector of casual games, addictive and fun.
The Fact 
- Genre: Action and Platform
 -Platforms: Initially is made to Android 2.1 and if this project get all  the founds will be created to      ios( Iphone )  
 -Projected launch date: July 2012
 -Business Model: Free (Free to download and play) but with pay version with extra content
 -Business Model: Free (Free to download and play) but with pay version with extra content
Where is our money , exactly?
The Kickstarter funds will be specifically used to employ at least  talented young artists of different disciplines to bring this world to life.
The estimated production timeline is 1 month . With the rest of the money will be invested in create new updates and promote the app in other platforms (Iphone/windows...)
Nowadays the project is in the design work  and the programmer is doing the base of the game, when the design part will finish will be update a video with all of the news!

We are super excited to be able to bring you this amazing project!

Thanks for your time - We hope you join our team!

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