How monetize your Android Apps and make huge revenue

How monetize your Android Apps

To make money with your android apps you have three options :

-Pay for your app
-Create free app
-Freemium app

But in this case only will talk about free apps , because is the most easy app to promote. Ok... but how can you get revenue with such model? Pretty easy with
advertising. Google and many other big companies have their own advertising system where you can get good revenue from banner advertising in your games.

This is free system for you to use unlimited ad networks which you want.
And most important that you can insert your own ads inside as well, with this method you can promote your free apps or your best quality app.

In my case I use two different networks, the most popular AdMob and LeadBolt. Leadbolt is one of the most power networks nowadays, with them you can use the typical banner and promote other apps.

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  1. Paul DeSaro dijo...:

    Advertising model is really great but the problem is that most of the users dose not clicks on ads and we need to app which has tons of users so we are able to earn good amount of money via ads. But for marketing purpose of other app this model is good.

    Android Application Development

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